Doorlift System

RSD can offer you a Doorlift System, which is produced by Actuall B. V.  A system that is compact, universal and above all, very reliable….The Doorlift for shutter doors is finally here.
After several years of developing and testing by several expediters and a large global courier company, Actuall Doorlift systems has succeeded in launching its compact, universal and reliable product.

The product has been designed to fit the needs of the demanding expediter. The Doorlift is a user friendly and straight-forward universal design that will fit on every type of shutter door and is equipped with many options. The driver can open or close the door with a simple press of the button, therefore making opening and closing manually, a thing of the past. To operate the door, the driver can use the included remote control, dashboard key switch or the button located in the back of the truck. The door opens and closes remarkably silent and steady.

Operating the door electronically will improve the lifespan of the shutterdoor and will relieve unnecessary strain on the drivers neck and shoulders. Injuries are common with traditional shutterdoors that are not maintained well. The Doorlift on the other hand is user friendly and, if necessary, still allows you to open the door manually. The system is equipped with a safety latch which allows you to mechanically shut off the system.

During the development stage, quality has not been forgotten. The system is robust, has a long life span and has a built-in security stop when an object is under the moving door.  For further information, please contact us

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