Doors / Sandwichpanels

From the 1th September 2006 RSD will sales the Product range of Normanton Lamination Services, within Germany. For over twenty years NORMANTON LAMINATING SERVICES has been established as the market leader in the design and manufacture of composite panels for the road transport and vehicle construction industries, our products being widely used by leading vehicle coachbuilders and trailer manufacturers in the United Kingdom and overseas.

Beside the automotive industry our product range caters for a wide range of industry applications including Construction, Shipbuilding, Agricultural and Exhibition Contracting industries where our panel design can be matched to individual specifications with regard to weight, strength, thermal insulation properties or economy of construction.

Our reputation for competitiveness and high quality is impressive, as is our list of satisfied customers, ranging from individual traders to the largest international corporates. To see further information on some of our products please contact us.